Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Come Join the Pre-Meeting Rally!

SCCCL, SC Conservation Voters and College of Charleston students are planning a rally in opposition to the proposed Santee Cooper coal fired plant in the parking lot at South Florence High School (3200 South Irby Street, Florence) at 5:30 PM before the Army Corps of Engineers EIS Meeting this Thursday, September 27th at 6:00.

Please come and show your support!


Vanessa Smith said...

Santee Cooper has made Green Power available to all people who live in South Carolina. Any S.C. resident can purchase "Green Tags" which means (basically) that you contribute money to the production of renewable energy. Does anyone involved in these pre-meeting rallies purchase any renewable energy from Santee Cooper? Does the S. C. Coastal Conservation League participate in this program?

If not, then maybe you shouldn't attend these meetings unless you just don't care what you see when you look in a mirror.


Vanessa Smith
Not a Santee Cooper Customer
But a purchaser of Green Power from Berkeley Electric Co-op

Don Clark said...

I'm glad to hear Vanessa is purchasing Green Power from Santee Cooper. She's right: everyone in South Carolina should do the same (nevermind the perversity of Santee Cooper asking for what amounts to a chartiable contribution from the citizens of SC in order to fund something that they should be doing anyway; and nevermind Santee Cooper's opposition to a Renewable Portfolio Standard; and nevermind S-C pitiful net-billing "pilot" program). Given what a poor job S-C does in promoting its Green Power Program, and given how limited the program is, it is great that someone NOT affiliated with S-C is actively bringing it to the public's attention -- the public should certainly demand more green power from Santee Cooper!

Anonymous said...

Hey folks,
Follow this link to learn more about how you can participate in S-C's Green Power program