Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Coal Round-up

Three more mercury articles over at the Post and Courier today! Here's one on mercury and DHEC, one on the new federal mercury rule, and one on mercury and wildlife. Thanks to the P&C for giving this serious issue wider exposure. In case folks out there think the Post and Courier is a liberal rag, here's a recent USA Today article along the same lines.

Meanwhile, the P&C has been infested with "clean coal" advertisements (you were warned). Take me up on my challenge. Visit this "clean coal" website and let me know if you are convinced that this dirty rock is "America's fuel."

Finally, fighting coal is not just for environmentalists anymore, according to this article. Who are environmentalists anyway if not people who actually give a d*#@ about our well-being and our children's well being (i.e. instead of enriching oneself at everyone else's expense). This article makes that case, at least for folks out West, nicely.

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