Friday, November 16, 2007

Another one (two) bites the dust!

Three dozen plus and counting can't be wrong. The latest to join the honor role are Orlando, Florida and Boise, Idaho. Pamplico, South Carolina can't be far behind, right?

In both cases the utilities themselves made the prudent decision to pull the plug. How long will we have to wait until that kind of responsible behavior is exhibited in South Carolina?

In Orlando, utility leaders wisely understood that impending CO2 regulation makes coal an extremely expensive gamble that would have hurt households and industry both in the pocketbook. Can we afford to ignore this in South Carolina?

In Idaho, utility execs balked at both the high cost of constructing a new coal plant AND the unacceptable environmental impact of coal. Can coal be a good investment for South Carolina if it isn't for Idaho?

Ever wonder why the national pro-coal lobby has descended on our State? Why the same pro-coal people frequent this site? Its because they are losing ground every day. People in positions of responsibility around the country are stepping up and making the the right decisions to protect their environment, their health and their economy.

They know South Carolina is going to be the next state to say "NO" to this dirty, unhealthy, expensive, and risky proposition.

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