Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving to all Readers!

Here's a list devised by Climate Progress. I'm sure we could generate our own list (that's what the comments are for). For Christmas, I'm asking DHEC & Santee Cooper to go back to the drawing board! Will I get a lump of coal in my stocking instead?

Five Climate Change Events To Be Thankful For
by Lloyd Alter, Toronto on 11.21.07


Climate Progress notes: "Let this Thanksgiving be a time for reflection, as there are several events within the past year worth reminiscing. These five occurrences have increased awareness on climate change and moved the U.S. closer to achieving targeted greenhouse gas reductions."

1. Al Gore and the IPCC won the Nobel Prize.
2. The 1st CAFE standard in 22 years was passed in the Senate. (This is perhaps premature)
3. All the democratic presidential frontrunners have proposed a comprehensive energy plan, asking for large carbon dioxide emission reductions. (but some still love coal)
4. The 4th IPCC Synthesis report was a blunt and urgent call for action. (Though Its not pretty)
5. Public Opinion is shifting. (3/4 of Americans would make lifestyle changes or pay energy and carbon taxes? Gotta be a rogue poll)

Climate Progress


John Mellor said...

P.S. the bar chart in this post is sourced from a BBC poll (22,000 people in 21 counties). For more info, go here. Obviously this is just one poll, but note the willingness of the Chinese, and to a lesser extent, the Indians, to take action, both politically and personally.

Hopeful stuff for this holiday...

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