Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Speak Out Against the Santee Cooper Coal Plant: When, Where, Why & How

When & Where:
DHEC Public Hearing, Thursday November 8 @ 6pm
Hannah-Pamplico High School Gym
West side of Highway 51 (Pamplico Hwy)
Map and directions

DHEC is giving you the chance to comment on the proposed Santee Cooper coal plant to be built south of Pamplico on the Great Pee Dee River. This plant will emit 138 pounds of mercury. Mercury is a dangerous neurotoxin linked to human illnesses like birth defects, nerve disorders and heart failure. Mercury becomes toxic methyl mercury in our rivers. One pound of mercury is enough to contaminate 500,000 fish. People and particularly children eating contaminated fish are at risk. According to a recent article in the Post and Courier newspaper between Conway and Florence there are mercury “hot spots” that form a “Mercury Triangle” of contaminated fish around the proposed coal plant. All three rivers near the proposed site, the Little Pee Dee, the Lynches and the Great Pee Dee are contaminated with mercury according to DHEC.

Santee Cooper currently is responsible for over one third of the state’s mercury pollution as represented by its top 25 polluters. Four of Santee Cooper’s existing coal plants are listed by EPA in the 25 most polluting plants or industries in South Carolina with respect to mercury.

There is no cure for mercury poisoning, except to stop exposure to it.

This proposed coal plant will not only pollute our air and water with mercury; it will emit 7500 tons of soot-forming SO2 and 900 tons of particulate matter. These emissions will negatively impact children suffering from asthma and adults with heart and lung ailments. Every year, emissions from coal plants lead to numerous premature deaths in South Carolina.

Come to the hearing on Thursday night and express your opinion on DHEC's decision to issue a draft permit for this unacceptable coal plant.

If you are unable to attend Thursday’s public hearing you can send you email your comments to: SCPeeDeePlantComments@dhec.sc.gov or mail your comments

Joe Eller
S.C. DHEC Bureau of Air Quality
2600 Bull St.
Columbia, SC 29201

For some facts, figures and questions about Santee Cooper's dirty coal plant, and DHEC's decision to issue a draft permit, that might be useful if you attend the meeting or plan to write comments, click here.

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