Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fun w/ Coal?

Since unscrupulous groups like Americans for Balanced Energy choices are spending tens of thousands of dollars on advertisements to convince us that coal is the best thing since sliced bread (and not one of the dirtiest things on the planet), and since our state public service authority, Santee Cooper is spending tens of thousands of ratepayers’ dollars on their website, on media consultants, and other efforts to make us think that their “Pee Dee Energy Campus” has nothing to do with coal (when, in fact, it is nothing BUT a coal plant), we thought we’d post a couple slick coal advertisements too:

Here's another one from Kansas, where a coal plant was recently blocked by that state's equivalent of SC DHEC.

(Readers, create & send us your own coal ad's and we'll post 'em on this blog.)


undecided said...

I am undecided as to the costs / benefits of coal fired plants. I understand that climate change is an arguable issue, but as a person involved in accounting, how do you arrive at the amount of money that you say that Santee Cooper spends on advertising on their website for their proposed plant? What do you spend on your website?

Please advise as economics is an important and valid concern in this issue.

Anonymous2 said...

These guys aren't going to answer you, so let me tell you. THEY DON'T REALLY KNOW. They make stuff up all the time to serve their interests. I can tell you that they are certainly spending A LOT on this website. It is common knowledge among the "conservation community" that they have raised over $7,500,000 to fight Santee Cooper's coal plant. That money is used to fuel this site and pay for THEIR consultants.

Couldn't you guys have put that money to much better use?

saildude said...

Wow! $7,500,000!

I wish they would tell me how I can contribute- we can make it $7,500,100.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention anonymous2, you're a saint!!

Anonymous2 said...

You're welcome saildude! BTW, you are much more clever than Mike. I was about ready to give him a major whining award.

You'll be happy to know your money will be wasted on lawyers and consultants to fight "the man."

You may want to consider a better cause.

Mike said...


Last time I checked it was FREE to do a blog! Give it a try!

Here are my questions:

How much do Santee Cooper's scare-mongering quarter page ad's in SC papers cost? Their newly designed web pages? Their public opinion polling? Their hired media consultants? Their "economic impact" studies? Their alarmist "South Carolina is running out of energy" brochures? Their stickers, boxed lunches, & buses for public meetings? Their political lobbying? Their "anonymous" employees who are paid to read blogs that dare to speak out against their doings? An accountant might know. This is just a partial list of Santee Cooper's public relations expenditures in connection with this plant.

Is this what we pay our PUBLIC SERVICE authority to do?

Anonymous3 said...

Hey, Mike, now that's clever! Props to you. A utility blog? An industry blog? Geesh, that would not be any fun. Real, forthcoming information? Boring.

BTW, business information / websites have to be real and truthful. Every heard of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act? Oh, but you're not into business so you wouldn't know about that. Here is a link for you:

NGOs can lie all they want. They don't have to comply. They report to nobody but their own boards (same guys, just older).

It is much more fun to put real information that challenges the lies and half truths on this blog! Nothing is more fun than using your own links and reports against you!

Keep holding up those signs!