Sunday, March 30, 2008

SC Small Biz: Clean Energy is the Way Forward

Manufacturing CEOs Take to Airwaves to Support Cap on Global Warming Pollution
Business Leaders See Promise of New Jobs, Economic Growth

(Washington, DC – March 17, 2008) Chief executives from top American manufacturing companies are taking to the airwaves in an unprecedented national advertising campaign that calls on Congress to drive economic growth with a cap on global warming pollution.

The ad, sponsored by Environmental Defense Fund, features the CEOs of two respected American brands – Robert Lane of Deere & Co. and Sandy Cutler of Eaton Corp. – along with Frank Knapp, president of the 5,000-member South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce.

Together they say solving climate change is an opportunity to jumpstart the U.S. economy, and that America can own the energy technologies that will power the 21st Century if Congress acts quickly. Amid a heated national debate over job losses, the business leaders point to the job-creating power of a national cap on global warming pollution.

“We joined this effort not because it was green to do so, but because it’s good business,” said Sandy Cutler of Eaton Corp., a Cleveland, Ohio-based manufacturer with 77,000 employees. “This ad tells the real story about fixing climate change: American companies can win the race for new technologies and the jobs that come with them if Congress acts now to cap carbon.”

"Small business entrepreneurs are ready to be turned loose on developing new energy technologies and conservation efforts. We're just waiting for the federal government to open the gate," said Frank Knapp Jr., of the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce. "It's not just about creating a new industry and jobs, it's also about protecting our existing businesses and employees from the negative impact of global warming."

The EDF ad campaign launches as Congress approaches a critical juncture in the climate change debate: the Senate will soon vote on the Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act, which would substantially reduce U.S. emissions through an emissions cap and trade system. The House is expected to begin debating a similar plan next month, increasing the odds that Congress will enact a cap this year.

“When corporate leaders openly ask Congress to pass a major environmental law, you know it’s critical to our economic future. These companies want Congress to act now for the economy’s sake,” said David Yarnold, EDF’s executive director. “The environmental imperative is clear, and the CEOs in this ad know the economic reality better than anyone. Congress has a common-sense plan that works for both, and an opportunity to get it done in 2008. There is no time for delay.”

The ad begins running today in dozens of key congressional districts across the country and in Washington, D.C. View the spot online at:

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