Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"Another sixteen tons on the coal pile"

I thought y'all might enjoy this funny (in a serious way) video put together by the folks over at the Coastal Conservation League -- "Global Warming Guy." The tune is infectious and the message is right on. Enjoy!


Anonymous1 said...

Dana plays a Martin, huh? See John, I have a lot more in common with you all than you think.

As it regards the video, I think most of us can agree with the sentiment, that lifestyle change would be a healthy thing for our society, if not on the appropriate next steps as it relates to our immediate energy needs in South Carolina. I do think the video "jumped the shark" a bit early with the folks snorting coal. Just artistic criticism on my part, though.

John Mellor said...

Glad you like it; I thought it was a pretty fun take on a serious topic. We don't get to post stuff like that very often, given what we deal with here.

Funny you mention "Jumping the Shark." Beaufort Gazette doesn't think so:

I think attempting to build the Pee Dee plant is a better example of an organization "Jumping the Shark" (though that may have happened long ago, really).

John Mellor said...

Here's a better link to the Beaufort Gazette opinion piece.

Anonymous said...

Santee Cooper has jumped the shark? Dumb statement, especially given their recent announcements of even more efficiency initiatives.

What exactly do you want? No Santee Cooper? I'd say that would be WORSE, not only for the economy but also for the environment. As an example, here's a recent story from the Charleston newspaper about efficiency programs - hardly pursued by SCANA, an investor-owned for-profit utility, but sponsored by Santee Cooper, a non-profit, state-owned utility whose only objective seems to be to better the lives of South Carolinians.

Do you really believe that would be better for the state? Or are you just being used and manipulated by out-of-state environmental extremists and their lobbbying money, people not at all interested in this state? Who's funding this blog anyway? I notice the domain owner's name is hidden, most of your posts are made during the working day, and you all seem to use pseudonyms - all very unusual for a blog, I'd say.

nonprophet2 said...

I love it!