Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Mayors Step Up

This advertisement appeared in the paper yesterday. Beats the coal ads (see this past post) that Santee Cooper has running all over the state with the help of "Americans for Balanced Energy Choices." (That's Orwellian doublethink if I've ever heard it; coal already is 50% of our nation's energy mix; that's hardly balanced). Click the image above for a larger image of the ad that appeared yesterday. How does this square w/ Santee Cooper's plans to go on a greenhouse gas emitting spree over the next 10 years (4 coal plants, 18 million tons of CO2)? Inquiring minds want to know.

News coverage from Rock Hill (www.heraldonline.com) and Hilton Head (www.islandpacket.com).


Anonymous said...

I notice very few if any of the mayors of towns within the so-called "Mercury Triangle" in the Pee Dee region signed this letter.

Anonymous said...

No reason why they couldn't. The proposal makes perfect sense. Build green buildings and make energy efficiency a priority. It doesn't say "stop coal plants."

Mike said...

No, but it does say "do something about global warming" -- guess what the number one source of GHG emissions is in our state? You're right! It's Santee Cooper and its coal burning plants! I'd say there's a relationship! We don't want any mo0re of this JUNK!